Amplified Healing Circles, Relaxation & Intentional Healing

Girls Night, Family Time or Team Building

Come to the Salt Spa located in Anthem to receive special treatments with one of these two healing sessions with Heaven’s Light Wellness resident energy healer Sallyann who practices internationally with incredible results. Listen to Tibetian Healing Bowls and go into a guided meditation for healing while either nestled in the salt or perched on a lounge. All this while getting the amazing beneficial attributes of Halotherapy that has been practiced in Europe for hundreds of years! During our sessions, a halogenerator creates microparticles of salt and lowered humidity of the salt cave. This process can assist in respiratory issues related to smoking, cold and flu symptoms, Asthma and more!

Healing Salt Sessions

$25 per person

$45 per person

Located at 4111 W Innovative Dr #112, Phoenix, AZ 85087  in the Hair and Dipity Saloon

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