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Angels Among Us

December Angels Among Us

‘‘Tis the season…where angels seem to be more accepted. On top of our Christmas trees, in window displays, on top of desks. Faith is easily accepted by the masses for 6 weeks a year.  People are open and not afraid to show that part of their lives. They light up angels and highlight and write songs and movies about them! And we smile. They make us feel better. Take the power to feel better every day.  See your angels and listen to your gut feelings about things and look to the “kind” side of situations and people.
Here at Heavens Light Wellness I am Blessed to see and know that my angels are with me every day. They comfort me because I’m never alone. They help me through sadness, fury and yes, even help me decide which streets to take!   If I’m driving my husband used to say “why did you make a right and go that way” but now he knows the normal answer is usually “they” told me to turn right and when my guardian angels tell me to turn right I do it. “Ha!  I know it’s hard to have faith and know there are angels among us sometimes but having that faith has given me comfort and knowledge in knowing I can do it.  So, my wish for you today and everyday throughout the year is that you hear your angels, feel your angels, or just have faith that they’re there. #GuardianAngelsRule  #IHearAngels