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Gratitude is the BEST Attitude

Why Gratitude is the Best Attitude? “Expressing gratitude is associated with a host of mental and physicalbenefits. Studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, moodand immunity. Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties withchronic pain and risk of disease. If… Read More »Gratitude is the BEST Attitude

You Have The Power

You Have the Power to Manifest the Life you Deserve! Not to be cliché but lets talk about our New Years hopes and goals.We’ve all heard “if you believe you can, then you can.” or  “There’s nothing you can’t do if… Read More »You Have The Power

Magic of the Season

There is magic in this season!  It is easy to be consumed with the stress and pressure to do everything. Have a perfectly clean house; bake the perfect cookies; find perfect, meaningful gifts for everyone.   Allow yourself to quiet the noise, breathe and feel the love,… Read More »Magic of the Season

Podcast: I Hear Angels – November 2022 I Hear Angels podcast on November 11, 2022 Sallyann discusses the many services and ways she can help you with her gift.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page for more videos. 

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