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Corporate Decisions? Customer Satisfaction? Employee Retention?

Business Optimization 

Our intuitive and holistic approach to business optimization goes beyond conventional strategies. Sallyann understands that achieving success in the corporate world requires more than just numbers and data. It’s about fixing the flow, resolving personnel issues, making informed decisions, and ultimately, boosting revenue while creating a happier and more stable work environment.

Why Choose Corporate Optimizer:

  • Fix Flow: We specialize in identifying and addressing bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and obstacles that impede the smooth operation of your business. Our intuitive solutions ensure that your corporate machinery runs seamlessly.

  • Personnel Issues: Personnel problems can be a major hindrance to success. Our holistic approach includes strategies to improve teamwork, communication, and employee morale, leading to a more harmonious workplace.

  • Informed Decisions: In the corporate world, decisions can make or break a business. We provide you with the tools and insights needed to make informed, strategic choices that drive growth and profitability.

  • Boost Revenue: Our unique approach isn’t just about cutting costs; it’s about optimizing your business to generate better revenue streams and enhance profitability.

    • Happier Employees: When employees are content and motivated, they perform at their best. Our methods lead to a happier, more engaged workforce, reducing turnover and improving overall productivity.

Our services are tailored to a variety of industries, including real estate, property management, hotels and resorts, educational institutions, theaters, and medical facilities. We understand the specific challenges each industry faces and offer customized solutions to address them effectively.

Much like realtors maximize property value and owners ensure their properties are in top shape, we are here to optimize your corporate environment for success. We believe that every organization has the potential for growth, stability, and a harmonious work culture.

We are dedicated to helping businesses across diverse sectors thrive by harmonizing their operations, empowering their teams, and boosting their revenue. Join us on this journey towards a more productive, profitable, and fulfilling corporate experience. Discover the transformative power of holistic corporate optimization today.

Industries We Assist


It has amazing views, perfect school systems,  beautiful amenities and is priced right but some of these homes are just not selling. Clearing the energy in a space, and yes even overseas,  can make the difference in sales and fulfilling contracts that create satisfied customers that will seek your services again.

Commercial Property Owners

Empty space equals not generating income and issues with empty space can range from musty smells to vandals and increased marketing dollars. We can help you clear space and the old renter’s energy, issues and lingering feeling and welcome in a more positive energy to attract the right renters to the space.

Hotel / Resorts

Do you have a room in your accommodation that just doesn’t get booked? Is there an unusual draft in a conference room or event space?  Sometimes guests can leave behind some energy that will need to be removed in order to enhance guest experience. Clearing the stuck and negative energy from people and activities will allow guests to rest better and feel more at home. Event spaces will allow new energy to enter for more productive conferences or performances. 


Time is money! And there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish all that you need to. So, finding the right people to be part of your team is imperative. They need to have the right skill set but they also need to be a personality match. Sallyann can help your team with Human Resource needs from reading the energy of your applicants to understand who might be the best-suited candidate for certain positions. 

Educational Facilities

The energy of children or adults in learning areas is froth with excitement, worry, nervousness and doubt. Clearing the energy in these spaces has proven to create a calmer learning environment, less aggression and fights, happier teachers and more focused students.

Theaters/Event Facilities

Events and theatre products are many layers of activities that need to work perfectly, in harmony to produce the perfect guest experience. Clearing the stuck and negative energy from people and activities will clear business offices to function more efficiently and studio/performance space to have fewer accidents, calmer performers and overall better running shows.

BioTec/Medical Companies

Being stuck on how to accomplish the next step in your process for funding and working towards your goal. Intuitive confirmation can help in developing or fine-tuning a new medical device or medication that will help mankind live longer in a bold and timely process. While Sallyann is not a trained medical professional, she can see systems and the next steps to help with your process.

Why Choose Sallyann?

Business Testimonials


“After two years on the market, this $2 million+ home in Fountain Hills had no offers. Sallyann came and cleared the energy from the home and within two weeks, we had two full-priced offers! I am a believer so much so that she has since cleared numerous homes I represent for sale. I call her my secret weapon to keep my clients happy and sell their homes”​

Karen DeGeorge

Owner at Pellegrini & DeGeorge Partners

Commercial Property Owner

“I own several commercial properties and suite 100 had the perfect light, location, floor plan and was priced to rent. But month after month it was empty after numerous showings. I was introduced to Sallyann’s special talents and thought there was something to it. As soon as she entered this perfectly cleaned out space, she started describing the last tenants; personalities, issues, and business. I was intrigued. She mentioned who she saw would rent the space and that it would be in contract within 10 days. It happened in 7 days. She has since helped me clear a number of other suites and they too have been successfully leased in a timely manner. She made a believer out of me and I now consider her part of my team.”

Ronny U.