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Daily Serenity, you can have it!

How can you experience Serenity every day?

Sometimes it seem like anxious feelings have become normal in nearly all aspects of life, especally during the holidays!  But with practicing these tools you can control those sometimes overwhelming feelings and live your best life. 

Give Thanks Continually. From the first thought in the morning to the last in the evening, make a point of acknowledging everything good in your life. Even when we are going through tough times there is always something good to be acknowledged. Don’t let those negative thoughts of what’s bad sneak in or take over your day. Choose to see the good today.

Practice Acceptance. Practicing acceptance means you accept your situation for what it is today. Keep setting intensions and goals for the future, keep improving and moving forward.  Acceptance is understanding what you can and cannot change in the short term.

Watch Out for Negative Self Talk. Choose your inner dialog carefully. Ask yourself if you would talk to a friend or loved one the way you talk to yourself. If you make a mistake stay away from calling yourself “stupid” or “dummy”. It may seem harmless but  it isn’t! Immediately replace the negative judgment with a positive statement. Be kind to yourself.

Use Tangible Methods. Using stress reducing and relaxation items is an immediate way to bring your mind back to reality. Try Energy Stones you can wear every day. Heaven’s Light Wellness will even recharge them for you! When going to sleep try a Relaxation Eye Pillow. Try Reiki Energy Healing. Individual or Group Healing is an amazing way to get a life reset.

We would be honored to help you with living your best life! Feel free to connect with us if you have questions or to make an appointment.