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Intuitive and Energy Healing is gentle and non-intrusive therapy that is an additional healing tool that is especially beneficial for horses.  Equine Energy Healing restores positive energy flow into the horse where it may have become blocked by injury, trauma or stress. Energy healing is safe and can never harm. Horses are extremely intuitive animals making them a great source of healing for humans but also this energy can weigh them down.  Horses, like humans, have emotions, fears and stress that drive their behavior. Treating horses helps relax and calm them, removing emotional or behavioral issues and aiding in ease of training and daily performance. In my practice I can “see” and communicate where the horse is blocked or physically hurting, giving you an additional diagnostic tool. Typically horses will receive this energy and naturally become a receptive participant.  Many people request Energy healing for human and horse together to boost the relationship bond. 

Intuitive and Energy healing is particularly beneficial to competitive horses. An Energy Healing the day before competition can relieve stress of travel and provide deep relaxation to help them get a good nights sleep. Intuitive power can be provided on competition day to bring motivation and focus to their event.

Whether your horse is competing in local or national arenas / racetracks, a teaching horse for beginning riders or a trail rider for personal use Intuitive and Energy Healing can provide benefits in human and equine daily living.  

Tamie Smith and Solaguayre California won the whole Eventing competition! You are a very big part of the success! Tamie and I so appreciate you! Thank you. We are very grateful. 

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