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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Angel Readings work?

You and I will sit down and have a conversation. I am not in a trance, nor will my voice change. However, we will be joined by, and will engage in a three-way conversation with my Guardian Angels who, in turn, talk to your angels and loved ones that have passed to the other side.

You can ask questions or they will relay messages to you from your loved ones or angels on life questions. Don’t worry, they only tell you information you can handle. And, yes, I can tell you the past, present and future. However, remember that God has given us free will to make our own decisions.

Is Sallyann a medium or a psychic?

Sallyann is a medium  than can communicate between the spiritual realm with the use of guardian angels and communicate those messages to the living. A psychic refers to a person who has special powers that cannot be explained by science. 

What happens during Reiki Energy Healing?

Energy work can be done either in person or long distance/virtual sessions.  Sallyann will key into your energy and be able to send healing light to you or a requested person anywhere on the Globe. She can actually see Chakras and determine specific work needed. Ideally we will have your permission to receive this energy but it is not mandatory to have a positive effect on the recipient.  This does happen with those in hospitals, conflicts, etc.

When in person, recipients relax, fully clothed, while energy is  guided through my hands as they hover above your body. There is no pressure on the body, so it is ideal for treating all conditions for adults, as well as animals. The energy can normally be felt as a warm or tingling sensation in the body by the recipient.

Can Sallyann help my horse or pet?

Yes! Sallyann can “see” and communicate where the horse or pet is blocked or physically hurting, giving you an additional diagnostic tool. Typically animals will receive this energy and naturally become a receptive participant.  Many people request Energy healing for human and pets together to boost the relationship bond. 

Does Sallyann do private parties?

Yes! Sallyann has created and facilitated many workshops and master classes designed to enlighten, inspire and empower people of all ages.  She has created Empowerment Angel Card Decks and has done cad readings for individuals at parties and events for an easy way to uplift any human. 

Is Sallyann available for corporate retreats & conferences?

Yes! Sallyann is a published author and an expert speaker of numerous topics including Empowerment, Perspective, Mindfulness, Manifestation and Gratitude.   She has created and facilitated many workshops and master classes designed to enlighten, inspire and empower people of all ages. 

What is the cancellation or reschedule policy?

Appointment cancellations and rescheduled appointments must be requested 12 hours prior to the event to qualify for a refund or credit. A refund or credit will not be granted for cancellations within 12 hours of the event.  Registrants who fail to attend their appointment and do not contact HLW prior to the appointment with a cancellation request, via e-mail or text will automatically forfeit all refunds or credits.

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