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Gratitude is the BEST Attitude

Why Gratitude is the Best Attitude?

“Expressing gratitude is associated with a host of mental and physical
benefits. Studies have shown that feeling thankful can improve sleep, mood
and immunity. Gratitude can decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with
chronic pain and risk of disease. If a pill that could do this, everyone would
be taking it.” Mayo Clinic Health

What are some Benefits of
Practicing Gratitude?

  • Improves self-esteem
  • Improves energy and health
  • It makes us happier and more optimistic
  • More resilient and deal with adversity better
  • Are more generous and forgiving
  • Be happier and notice the present moment more
  • Lower stress, anxiety and thoughts

How can I Practice Gratitude?

Gratitude is a skill that
will be
attained with repetition. Here are some ways to
practice gratitude so you can incorporate it in everyday life:

  • Invest in a Gratitude Journal.   A gratitude journal has been proven to activate brain areas that are related to positive emotions. People who could find purpose and feel grateful  show higher resilience during challenging situations. Reading your own words of gratefulness can help you feel better when you are having a bad day.  We are offering a custom curated Gratitude Journal!  
  • Make it a habit to say three things you are grateful for every morning. A friend of mine puts their car keys under the bed so they start the day on their knees in prayer. Another has an inspirational quote on her mirror that she reads out loud as she gets ready for the day. This will positively impact your mood throughout the day.  
  • Express gratitude to others. Of course we say the magic words; “please” and “thank you” to just about everybody but how often do we take the time to express gratitude more meaningfully?  Choose to make eye contact and smile, give an extra long hug, write a personal note about how much you appreciate someone in your life or even take over a household chore for a week (emptying the dishwasher is a BIG one in our household). Pick just one person a week and see how your mood and theirs will change.

Helping others helps you get out of your own head. Focus your attention on the feelings and needs of others and feel your anxiety and depression decrease. Lots of people have said that helping others is actually a selfish deed because it’s such a good way of helping yourself. We know this on an intuitive level, and studies also show it to be true.