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Anxiety? Back Pain? Insomnia?

Reiki Energy & Sound Healing

Welcome to the transformative world of Reiki Energy Healing guided by 7th Generation Usui Reiki Master Sallyann. With expertise honed over years of practice, Sallyann specializes in chakra balancing, alleviating anxiety, relieving back pain, and easing insomnia. Her mastery extends to eliminating negative energy,
restoring balance, and reducing stress therefore empowering you to live your best life.

Experience the profound benefits of Reiki through the power of Sallyann’s experienced healing hands. Whether in person or anywhere on the globeshe channels universal life force energy to promote vitality and well-being.  Ideally,  permission is requested to receive this energy but it is not mandatory in order to have a positive effect on the recipient.  It is the perfect complimentary healing modality for those in hospitals, conflicts, etc. This ancient practice extends its benefits not only to humans, but also to animals.

Sessions are conducted fully clothed, as Sallyann hovers her hands over the body, allowing the white healing light energy to flow where it’s needed most. She also incorporates the therapeutic power of sound healing and vibrations, enhancing the healing process. Allow yourself or your furry friend to relax into a state of deep calm, as the rejuvenating energy works its charm. 

Embrace a stronger, more empowered version of yourself with Sallyann’s Reiki Energy Healing.

Reiki Energy Healing Clearing

When do I need a Reiki treatment?

Reiki is an effective emotional and physical healing method. It can be used for many ailments like autoimmune disease, reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, depression, sleep problems, stomach upsets, back problems, female issues, sinus, anxiety, sore muscles, and can aid in healing after surgery and much more. There is no pressure on the body, so it is ideal for treating all conditions for all humans, as well as animals.

Please note that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment. It should be used as a complement to treatment and a way to become and remain healthy.

* Sallyann is NOT a medical professional *

Sallyann is a trained, experienced, 7th generation Usui Reiki Master and energy worker with over four decades of experience.