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Let’s Talk Intentions!

Setting intentions can be a  powerful tool when done properly, but it’s more than just goal setting. Manifestating intentions is about being purposeful in pursuing your desires for your future.

What Does It Mean To Set An Intention?

An intention is purposefully identifying an outcome, feeling or desire and making a conscious effort to arrive at that destination. This may be a long term or lifetime ideal or simply to make one day more enjoyable. 

 What’s the difference between Goals and Intentions??

The difference between setting a goal versus setting an intention is that a goal is about achieving an outcome, like getting a raise, where an intention is about setting a specific mindset to make a change within. It has a lot to do about feeling good during the journey!

How To Set an Intention

  • Choose a period of time. This could be a short as one hour, day or as long as what feels right to you. 
  • Visualize the process of getting where you want to be. It may be hard at first to find the right words or exact feelings. Sometimes it is easier to start with a mood or notion the words will come in a more organic way. 
  • Use a tool like Heaven’s Light Wellness  Angel Cards. Whether it is picking a random card from the deck or investing in a Professional Reading you will find yourself empowered.

How To Manifest Your Intentions

  • Write down some actionable steps to get you where you want to be feeling. They can be small but designed to keep you moving forward. Even baby steps are still steps! 
  • Don’t give up! Keep negativity and self doubt out of the picture. You CAN achieve what you put your heart toward.
  • Attend an Attunement Class or consult us for a Private Session. 

Remember,  goals are great when you want an exact outcome.  However,  an intention is much deeper than that. It is a tool that can be very powerful in building inner resolve, strength and a happy life. 
Grow as you go!

I would be honored and blessed if you allow me to assist in your journey.