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Magic of the Season

There is magic in this season! 

It is easy to be consumed with the stress and pressure to do everything. Have a perfectly clean house; bake the perfect cookies; find perfect, meaningful gifts for everyone.  

Allow yourself to quiet the noise, breathe and feel the love, light and your connection. Understand the magic in knowing we are all connected regardless of religion or tradition.  Believe in the magic, the energy, the love that is all around you. Recognize and appreciate that these activities and opportunities we get so wrapped up in, are actually gifts. We GET TO clean our home that people will gather in, we GET TO bake foods with love that friends and family will consume, we GET TO have an intimate moment with loved ones sharing a gift purposefully selected from you to them. Oh yeah, and remember that nothing will ever be “perfect”. Be authentic with perfectly unperfect baked good and heartfelt notes and gifts. It could actually be the perfect gift.

So in this holiday season of love, light and connection, I invite you to believe in the magic that is all around you. To recognize and appreciate your life as an amazing gift from God/Spirit/the Divine/the Universe…whatever you choose to call it. And see your life with grace and love.

Now…take another deep breath and let it all out. Go back and read these words again. Know you can make this holiday season what you want it to be, not what the world “says” it should be.