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Let’s Talk Intentions!

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Setting intentions can be a  powerful tool when done properly, but it’s more than just goal setting. Manifestating intentions is about being purposeful in pursuing your desires for your future. What Does It Mean To Set An Intention? An intention is… Read More »Let’s Talk Intentions!

Unplug to Connect

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The spiritual ideal for the month of August is connection As a medium connecting to a spiritual plain is natural but not always easy. Everyday life of being a business owner, wife, mother, daughter and friend often get in the way of… Read More »Unplug to Connect

I am a Weed

I am a Weed, the new strength anthem!! Sometimes do you ever just feel like a weed? Not the “party” weed but just the weeds stuck insignificant in the middle of nowhere. I think we all have those moments. I… Read More »I am a Weed

Angels Among Us

December Angels Among Us ‘‘Tis the season…where angels seem to be more accepted. On top of our Christmas trees, in window displays, on top of desks. Faith is easily accepted by the masses for 6 weeks a year.  People are… Read More »Angels Among Us

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