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Self Care 30 Challenge BINGO!

Having a vision for your future is so very important. We encourage you to try out our Vision Board/Manifestation Workbook for big life goal setting.  Have a course charted for your overall wellbeing. However, this month we are talking about taking smaller “bite sized” self-care steps. By taking self-care to a day to day level we can make habit changing behaviors for the big picture items on your list.

Self-care is not only important, it is vital in today’s busy world. It seems like we are always asked to put other’s first, take on extra obligations and work. However, taking care of you first is not selfish it is necessary! It will make you feel better mentally and physically. You will have fewer feelings of “burnout” and a new perspective on everyday activities, jobs and relationships.

Anytime we challenge ourselves it can seem intimidating at first. It wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t at least a little challenging! Change comes from confronting and replacing old behaviors that no longer serve us. Our 30 day self-care challenge will not take up much time or cost you a lot of money. We have broken down some easy to do steps on our 30 Day Challenge BINGO card in a FREE download. Some of the items call out things like taking a walk, reading a book or taking a pause from social media.  

You don’t have to do it alone! Try practicing this challenge with an accountability buddy. You can share your accomplishment and challenges. Follow along and share your daily BINGO challenge buckets with us on our social media pages with #wellnesswarrior and #selfcarebingo. We will be posting encouragement and tips for success and easy to use tools all month long.