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Southwest Sunrise or Southwest Sunset

What a blessing.  To be honest that is usually the last thing I say when I look up from whatever I am doing and see an amazing sunset or sunrise.  Usually I am just caught up in my life. Whatever it has me doing. Head down, mind going thru the list of things to do and moving purposely from one moment to another. Laundry. Packing Lunches. Dinner. Hauling Items in or out of my car. Moving fast. Always something. And then I can hear my angels telling me to look up.  Take a breath. Stop for just one small moment. And even though sometimes I want to fight the urge to look up, I do. I stop wherever I am and with my shoes off and holding, well, something large and uncomfortable. And I do. I stop and there it is. The oranges and reds and blues that streak across the sky that makes finger-painting a glory. And I smile to myself. Sometimes I scream out to those in the house to come see before its gone.  And sometimes I really do just take the moment. I stand still. Barely breathing. Hearing my own heartbeat. Watching as the colors change gradually. The shapes of those colored wisps no longer hold their own and start to melt into each other. I don’t want it end. I know this is special. I know the story of the sky and the day is special. I say “thank you” for this amazing day. And then the rush of all the things on the list come flooding back. I remember how full and heavy the things in my arms are and off and running my legs take me.  Back to taking care of those I love. And I smile. I had a moment with the world today. I know those precious literal two minutes were special. What a blessing!