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The Universe Gives You What You Need Not What You Want

Heaven's Light Wellness by sallyann

This morning was an amazing start to the day.   I often tell the people that come to see me that your guardian angels are here to protect you and guide you thru life. You most certainly have a choice weather to listen to the inner self, intuition or gut but the messages are there.  I also tell these new friends that these messages might not be what you want to hear but it is what you need to know. And then you can proceed with this new knowledge. My easy example since I live in Arizona is, someone just told me there was a big rattle snake in my backyard. I don’t want to know there is a raffle snake in my backyard! BUT, I am about to go throw out the trash.  So, I have a few choices because of this new information; wear shoes; be aware; or wait to throw out the trash. Information is knowledge.  

Getting back to this morning.  I was, ahem, meditating…. ok I was cold after getting my daughter out the door and puttering around downstairs so I climbed back into bed at 6:30 in the morning and thought I would meditate or check emails on my phone.   I remember thinking, “where am I going next”. What do I need to do make this business a success and honestly, get unstuck? I had lots of ideas but not really sure where to go next. I woke up achy. My fingers ached. I realized I had fallen sound asleep with my glasses on, the phone on my chest and my hands over my head.  But this morning there was not a heavy sigh of how I had wasted time. I realized I heard an answer to my question I had just asked an hour prior. What to do next. They gave me an answer. A very clear answer. Google It. Google Holistic Speaking. Now I know this is what I do but “holistic” is not an everyday word for me. So, I listened to my inner self; my guardian angels and I sat up in bed and Googled Holistic speaking and what happened next is the smile that will last on my face for days.

Sure enough a business came up and was the top ten or so listings. I was at first frustrated that one listing took up so many swipes on my phone, but it became clear that is what I need to look at. So, I clicked on a testimonial.  Not bad. Seemed sincere. I couldn’t click on the yelp posting and the website was no longer active. I thought for sure I was doing something wrong, so I clicked on the next listing on google to find a phone number and a web listing. Yep web listing was bad again.  The phone number…It wasn’t too early in the morning, so I gladly pushed the button and answered yes to my phones question of if I wanted to dial this number.

I was surprised that the woman on the other end of the phone just said hello. No company name so I took a beat. Than asked if this was the company I was trying to call.  She said she didn’t do that anymore but that she is now helping people self-publish books. UGH and HUMM all at the same time came to mind. This would be fifth book publisher I met, and I definitely didn’t relate to the others I met. Honestly, I think I was probably a little rude.  I didn’t want a throw away book. I wanted a book people wanted to read. I didn’t want to write a book to specs. I wanted to write a book that was created from the work. Can you hear the past publisher conversations in my head? Well, she was lovely and patient and explained a lot of things about the business I just poo-poo’d on.   She was interesting and intriguing and as the conversation continued, I realized, “I like this person. I like her a lot! She gets me. I would like to work with her.” The universe just gave me the answer that I need. The book was the next step, not the speaking engagements. Not at all what I expected but, absolutely what I needed. And to put the cherry on the top, we live 15 minutes from each other! We are going to enjoy BBQ together on Tuesday to talk about working together.  Oh, and it took an hour before we asked each other what our names. Thank you, angels. What an honor to be part of a miracle of an answer today.