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Empowerment Blue Angel Message Cards


I just love these Empowerment Blue Angel Message Cards cards! They make me feel calmer.  Each deck contains 60 inspirational messages for your daily angel messages. Ask the angels when you need a positive affirmation to go thru your day!

Makes a great “thank you” gift, hostess gift, or “I am thinking of you” gift! A portion of each sale goes back to local artist charities.

To order this item in bulk for inventory please contact: or 602.799.5279

25 in stock

Empowerment Blue Angel Message Cards decks are designed by local artists, with a portion of all proceeds going to the artist’s charity of choice. The Blue Prayer Angel and Purple Mother Angel cards were created by blind artist Meg Koss of Houston, Texas. Meg has a rare eye disease called Stargardt, which has caused her to lose 95% of her central vision.

As Meg paints, she can see only a small portion of the painting she is working on, about the size of a quarter. Although it is a slow process, Meg has developed a technique of photographing her work and studying it on her phone. This enables her to view the canvas in miniature and see more of the work as it unfolds. She also works with a special light that enhances the colors, because she has also lost the ability to distinguish between certain colors.

Meg is known for her religious works of art in miniature and is blessed to be a mother, wife, aunt, sister and artist! Her charity of choice is Bright Focus Foundation.