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Client Testimonials From Across the Globe

Client Testimonials From Across the Globe speaking of Sallyann’s talents in the art of Reiki Energy Healing and her gift of communicating with Guardian Angles.

“Sallyann’s energy during my reading was very calming. client testimonialsI had trepidation going in to it and the messages she would bring but she reassured me to let it go and relax in to the reading. I was really happy with our session. It was cathartic, loving and felt almost “familiar” if that makes any sense. I recommend her highly and will gladly do this again.”

Jennifer Riker


Client testimonial“I had worked with Sallyann on a personal level for intuitive readings and had a great experience with her. She was very helpful in helping with real estate guidance, as well as other personal situations. When our company decided to put together a Wellness Event for clients, Sallyann came to mind as the perfect addition to add to our team of practitioners. She offered intuitive readings, energy healing and angel card readings at both events. No surprise, she was completely booked with appointments from start to finish and even had clients without appointments squeezing in a session. We had wonderful feedback from clients and colleagues who loved the idea and had significant experiences during their appointments. I would definitely recommend Sallyann!”

Jeanine Cliffe

San Francisco, California

“Just to remind you of the power of your gift… my knee that had an MRI and two doctors told me was shot and I would need a partial knee replacement to fix is almost completely pain-free. It used to wake me up in the night hurting before you worked on it.”

Julie Couch

Manassas, Virginia

Client Testimonial“I worked with Sallyann professionally and encouraged a friend of mine to have a reading with her. Sallyann is such a warm and genuine person and is truly gifted. After sitting through this reading with my friend, I was completely amazed by her talents and accuracy. I recently had her do a clearing at my house and was equally amazed. I knew something didn’t feel right in the house. It was so fascinating to watch her go to the exact areas that didn’t feel right to me (without her knowing about these areas before hand) and watch her explain what the issue was and clear it. The house feels amazing now! I can’t say enough about her and would recommend her highly to anyone who wants a reading, energy work, or a clearing of a space. Thank you again Sallyann; you are a gift to this world!!”

Heather Wen

Phoenix, Arizona

“My reading with Sally Ann was beyond anything I could imagine. She has a special gift and something I have never experienced before in a reading. She makes you feel at ease straight away. I had a house cleansing and could feel it immediately. I could feel her vibrations during our session and knew she was working deep within my soul space and I’m in Australia!! I would highly recommend a reading with her.”

Rachel Lounds


“What an incredible experience! Sallyann did an angel reading for me. I can not adequately express the sense of peace I feel. Her insights and explanations during the reading were so thoughtful and warmly delivered. Sallyann has an incredible gift! I look forward to many more readings with her!”

Jennifer Elaban


“I have had some concerns that were pressing on me, I didn’t know how to handle, after meeting with Sally Ann my shoulders feel so much lighter, I have a sense of relief and know now that my dad has always been with me all along.”

Anna Villa

Phoenix, Arizona

“I had a great appointment with Sallyann today. I left her office feeling lighter and feeling confident about the direction I was moving. My Mom recently passed away and she gave me some closure during our appointment. I highly recommend giving Sallyann a try if you are struggling with something. I got much more out of it than expected.”

Megan Austin

Phoenix, Arizona

“She sold our house! We had this beautiful newer home on the market for over 8 months. Our realtor was working so hard and had open house after open house, but for some strange reason no one would show up. The few people that did see this magazine perfect home just didn’t make an offer for some reason. We changed ever single thing we could to make the house neutral. We were stressed, the poor realtor was stressed trying to help us. Sallyann suggested she do some energy clearing on the house and sure enough, we received an offer the week after Sallyann smudged the house and sold it within a few weeks!”

Gretchen & Mike Toussaint

Tampa, Flordia

“My sister and I had a reading with Sallyann in January. We spent three hours together via phone, which we never expected we would need/want that much time. Several months later, I can still feel the impact it has had on me….the gift of perspective, strength, and peace. Thank you!”

Nancy Wimbiscus


“Sallyann helped me dance for my dance competition when I tore the tendon in my foot. She came over to the studio and gave me some energy healing on the spot. It relieved the pain and I was on my feet again to perform!”

Channing Pickett

New York City

“Amazing were the specific details and suggested solutions that came up in my reading, including descriptions of specific acquaintances who may become instrumental my personal healing. Amen SallyAnn! Thank you so much for sharing your angels with me! With the help of your guides, I have been given encouragement-permission to seek out, find and LOVE myself… Over the past few days, my outlook has changed. Moments from the reading are coming true to life-VERBATIM… I call it a “God-Shot”. Today, I know these Angel guides are with me EVERY DAY, and they definitely remind me! I am aware and I am grateful! I can’t wait to revisit and check back in another few months on the progress I’ve made!

How could I NOT be amazed every day? Your gift is truly a blessing- thank you for sharing!”

Suzie Daniel

Irvine, California